Core Data Model

The DataRapide Core Data Model is the solid basis for any OLTP or OLAP application. 

Includes the 3NF (Third Normal Form), Semantic and Dimensional layers that capture the base of any organization no matter what business.

Subject Areas include: General Ledger, Temporal (Calendar), Human Resources, Geographical, Product/Service, Vendor, Customer, Account, Vendor Invoice, Customer Sales Receipt, Shipping, Receiving. 

Unlike some of the "big guys" that bury you with a huge overly complex model that you have to pare down to your business or force your business to fit their model, our philosophy is to provide a small tightly focused model that incorprates the basics and then customize and the model to fit your specific needs.

DataRapide is agnostic about tools, databases, languages etc. The model can be easily ported into the modeling tool of your choice.

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