Data Architecture

We can design and document your Data Architecture from an App to the most complex Enterprise Data Warehouse. SQL, NoSQL, Big Data, OLTP or OLAP.   We can also reverse engineer and document your existing environment and help to make improvements, cut costs, increase efficiency and security.

Meta Data Management

The very core of a successful organization. We can provide a complete Meta Data management Solution enabling you to cut project time and costs, reduce and eliminate redundancies, budget and forecast for data projects. We can provide end to end Data Lineage, Data Dictionary, Gap analysis and a roadmap to gain and maintain certainty with Data related Regulatory Compliance (GDPR (Euro), CCPA (California), Shield Act (New York), HIIPA, PII for example).

Regulatory Compliance Data Management

Do you know what every data element across your organization contains and how it is used?  How it can be used or abused? What shortcuts in time or budget have lead to less than "optimal" naming standardization compliance? Why take a change on not being ready for an audit and running afoul of the multitude of bureaucracies and ever growing regulations?  We can help you be prepared and stay prepared!

Data Modeling

Accurate and up to date Data Models are the very core of a mature and well run company. Have accurate data models can yield untold efficiencies in project scoping and management, onboarding new talent and during the acquisition of new data sources.  Having up to data data models, including meta data will add value during divestiture and when scoping mergers and Acquisitions.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Let us create or review your Disaster Recovery Plan. We find the holes and break points others have missed.

Data, App, Web & Penetration Security

We utilize a staged methodology based on the NIST SP 800-115 recommendations, and the OWASP Testing Guide v4 for network, web, mobile, and social engineering penetration tests. Web application issues are usually the result of poor coding or configuration practices and can be exceptionally dangerous to an organization resulting in remote code execution or data and/or session hijacking, access to sensitive data, and control of the underlying operating system. Testing of all TCP and standard UDP ports, and OWASP Top 10 web application testing standard, was primary focus of this testing effort.   Penetration test findings will be qualified using the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) version 2 base score. The CVSS version 2 vulnerability scoring system produces an overall vulnerability score based on an Impact, and Exploitability score. This score is recorded for all applicable findings and is intended to provide an objective, industry-standard view of the vulnerabilities that have been found and potentially exploited.

Project Management

We can help you at any level from scoping and costing of a complete project through technical leadership of ETL, BI/OLAP, QA or training efforts. Our Project management styles get the job done.  There is nothing worse than see a project fail having burned through the budget only to hear the PM say "But I don't understand!!!  I'm a black belt/Jedi in [fill in your rigid PM system] and I followed it precisely!!"...  Sure... the process was managed... but sis any work actually get done.  Project management can often require the blending of different orthodoxies in a unique and flexible way to ensure a successful project.  On time, On budget or better!

Web Site Development and Management

Our Website is simple, to the point, with out unnecessary flash or canned stock photos of shiny smiling faces that have no relationship to our company or what we do.  But we can do more glitz when the the client's business demands it.  We develop Responsive Web sites that look good on any phone, device or screen.  Information gathering, rapid prototyping and estimations are the first steps to getting you the look and feel that can propel your company into the market.