Resource Screening and Evaluation

Are you a principal looking for talent and find you or your team spending too much time (Money!!) wading through resumes trying to narrow down the list of prospective hires, while deadlines loom and projects and budgets slip?

Are you a consultant or placement firm that is losing business due to forwarding  less than stellar candidates because you lack the resources to effectively identify the best candidates? 

Allow us to handle the initial load of wading through and scoring resumes for you.  We'll give you the desired graded list of truly qualified prospects  to proceed with through technical, business and communicative ability interviews.

We have a roster of top people available to do resume screenings and interviews (phone or SkypeTM) in most of the major vendor offerings in the ETL, BI, MetaData, Database, Programming Language, Office, Data Modeling and other disciplines. Our business expertise includes Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail, Health Care, Government including Court Systems.

Contact us for package pricing, cut your costs, free up your staff and let us help you be more productive.

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