Meta Data Wheelhouse™️

The project that pays for itself! Provide Meta Data for all of your data objects across all of your environments. Includes end to end data lineage. Dashboard metrics for meta data completions and accuracy levels. Be ready for regulatory compliance. Easily compare any objects across your data environment down to the column and data type level. 

Cuts time and cost on all future projects. 

Makes onboarding new people faster and easier. This framework is totally agnostic, no further tools to buy. Will work with your office software, SQL, NoSQL. Will work with your ETL, BI/OLAP tools.

Schema Tracker​™️

The basis of the Meta Data Wheelhouse, and of course it can stand alone. Instantly see what is in all of your schema/NoSql data stores. Track the history of changes to your schemas. Compare any schemas across environments (are there 'unexpected' differences between your Dev, QA and Prod environments?). Are the data type differences between your On-Premise and Cloud schemas causing issues (rounding, truncation or just simply missing data.)

Keystroke Encryption​™️

Stop the bad guys!. This package is totally transparent to your data entry, whether to login screens, web sites or application. However it masks the key strokes to the hackers, malware and viruses. This is a great tool to have on your remote workers equipment. Runs on your computers, phones and tablets. This is being offered my major hospitality business, healthcare (protect PII, HIIPA data in transit).

Very inexpensive and reseller licenses are available. Absolutely the best protection for the money.


A new secure option to replace your meeting software.

Transparent encryption of audio and video for meetings.

Provided as a service! Nothing to install.

Two step security login for each attendee. 

You have probably seen and used this secure login feature in your daily life in many of the largest most popular web sites that you are visiting.